GP1700 Phase Angle Voltmeter Test System with built in Gain Phase Analyzer - Frequency Response Analyzer

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GP1700  4 U high format
Ideal for ATE applications

About the GP1700 Phase Angle Volmeter - Gain Phase Analyzer

The GP1700 PAV frequency response analyzer is a versatile and powerful test and measurement instrument.  Using 10uV - 100Vpk (600Vpk with supplied probes) isolated inputs with a powerful DSP based Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) measurement, accurate phase sensitive and frequency selective measurements are possible.  In particular the GP1700's gain, phase, power and LCRZ measurements offer good accuracy and noise rejection, necessary in most switching power supply power conversion, ultrasonic and EL backlight applications.  Its unique ability to measure impedance parameters during actual live operating conditions, up to 600Vrms, can reveal hidden circuit properties - not possible with conventional LCR meters.   The main applications for the GP1700 include assessment of synchros, resolvers, LVDT, gain phase margins and stability in closed loop control systems, ultrasonic equipment, analysis of inductors, response of active/passive filters, piezo devices and amplifiers.  Using its frequency sweep capability to create Bode Plots, impedance plots, Q factor, reactance and Resr plots.  Particularly suited to situations where the measured signal is not referenced to ground or buried in noise and distortion.


Supplied with comprehensive PC software and LabView drivers


Measurement of inphase, quadrature, Vrms total, fundamentals, phase angle, offset and ratios


Supports external & internal excitation


Analysis of closed loop systems, Gain and Phase Bode Plot graphs


Ac and dc measurement of watts 0.1% rdg + 0.1% range <100Hz


VA, PF, cos phi, Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk and crest factors along with fundamental ac measurements


Complex impedance analysis including LCR, Resr, Z, angle, Q factor and Dissipation factor


Isolated inputs 100Vpk direct, 600Vpk via differential probes


Measuring range 10uV to 600Vpk, Dc - 1MHz


USB-RS232 converter, RS232 serial interface and PC software utilities as standard

GP1700 Phase Angle Voltmeter Dataheet pdf

Additional capability

bullet Fast dual channel Dc-1MHz isolated voltmeters
bullet THD and harmonics for voltage and current
bullet Phase angle meter / Vector voltmeter / Phase Angle Voltmeter (PAV)
bullet Selective level meter (measures amplitude at a particular frequency)
bullet Graphical display for direct screen plotting
bullet Voltage & current waveform display
bullet Inductive component testing, transformer analyzer / wound component tester, capacitance, resistance, reactance and impedance
bullet Fast measurement speeds exceeding 300 measurements/second
bullet Wideband wattmeter
bullet RS232, USB, GPIB (option) interfaces, comprehensive PC software, NI LabView drivers, MS Excel compatible files, MS Excel Macros available


Specifications for GP1700 phase angle voltmeter measurements

Channels / display 2 isolated / 5 digits resolution (0.01 Phase Angle)
Measurement Total Vrms, Fundamental, Inphase, Quadrature, Frequency, Phase angle plus Null Meter
Voltage Input Ranges 300V, 100V, 30V, 10V, 3V, 1V, 300mV, 100mV, 30mV,10 mV or Autoranging 
Phase Input Ranges 0.00 to -360, 0.00 to +360  or 0 to 180
Frequency Range Dc to 1MHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) 5Hz to 999.99Hz :  126dB
1kHz to 5kHz:        110dB
5kHz to 32 kHz:     100dB
32kHz to 64kHz:     91dB
Harmonic Rejection 80dB (even and odd)
Max input 100V peak direct
100V peak from earth (600Vpk using supplied DP9030 differential probe)
Input impedance 1 M // 30pF (excluding. Leads)
Coupling Ac or ac+dc
Time constant 0.2s, 1.5s or 12s
Output generator (sinewave) 1mV to 8Vrms (12Vpk) at 100mA

Accuracy (Signal and Reference)

Frequency Voltage   Rdg + Rng Phase

Gain Ratio

10mHz to 2kHz 0.03% 0.03% 0.005 0.02dB
2kHz to 5kHz 0.05% 0.05% 0.01 0.03dB
5kHz to 20kHz 0.10% 0.10% 0.03 0.04dB
20kHz to 32kHz 0.10% 0.20% 0.15 0.06dB
32kHz to 54kHz 0.10% 0.80% 0.25 0.08dB
54kHz to 100kHz 0.10%  1.20% 0.50 0.12dB


Ordering and options

GP1700 19" 4U rack format

- GP1700 supplied 110Vac / 230Vac

All models include:-
USB-RS232 converter, RS232, RS232 cable, CD software utilities, 2 x ISO input cables probes, output cable,
quick guide sheets, user manual, calibration certificate and  certificate of conformance

- Option 01A Active LCRZ head inc Kelvin connectors
- Option 01P Passive LCRZ head inc Kelvin connectors
- Option 03A injection transformer
- Option 03A-LF injection transformer


Useful links

GP1700 Phase Angle Voltmeter Dataheet pdf

Application note on assessment of power supply gain/phase margins and control loop stability PDF

Read about frequency response (gain phase) analysis

Read about phase angle voltmeters

 Example of GP1700 gain phase analyzer screen shots

GP102 LCR meter displaydB gain plot of a first order filterPhase angle voltmeter measurements including inphase and quadrature
Gain phase analyzer main displayTurns ratio and polarity measurement using the transformer analyzer


GP1700 Upright with 110V/230Vac universal power

GP1700R 19" 2U rack with 110V/230Vac universal power


All measurements are traceable to NIST (USA) and NPL UKAS (UK).  A certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard.  The GP1700 is a CE marked product.

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