RCT1A and RCT5A flexible rope-type current probe

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RCT1A and RCT5A Description

The RCT1A is a genuine Current Transformer (CT) replacement but has all the intrinsic benefits of a thin, light-weight, flexible, clip-around Rogowski (sense) coil. Just like a CT the RCT1A secondary output is an industry standard 0 to 1A (5VA pf 1) instantaneous current proportional to the measured primary current

Typically the RCT1A is used with power, current and power quality meters and is an ideal replacement for CTs in retrofit applications to avoid plant shutdown, applications with limited space for installation and particularly where existing monitoring equipment designed for a 0 to 1A CT input is installed.


RCT1A or RCT5A Flexible core current transformers with 1A or 5A output and avoid LV and HV shutdown


Model RCT1A - Any ratio from 100/1A to 50000/1A

The RCT1A and RCT5A flexible current probes have 1A or 5A secondary current output - current sensing is based on a  Flexible Core Loop.   Models from 100/1A to 50000/1A, Accuracy Class 1 (1%) at 5VA. UL/CSA pending


Examples of RCT1A RCT5A current sensor order codes

RCT1A / range / power supply / coil length mm

100A range, 1A output with 12-24Vdc power and 300mm coil length = RCT1A / 100A / D24 / 300

RCT5A / range / power supply / coil length mm
500A range, 5A output with 12-24Vdc power and 500mm coil length = RCT5A / 500A / D24 / 500

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Optional 3.5mm diameter 100, 200 or 300mm sense coils

* to meet CE / UL safety requirements, an external power adapter is supplied for 125Vdc, 110Vac and 230Vac options

All products have CE, IEC, EN, ASME or BS approvals.


RCT1A rope sensor current output

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