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AC-DC Watt Transducer, Model WT1ph. Measures all waveform types from sinewaves to complex VFD applications, DC-20kHz

The WT series Power Analysing Transducers measures single, three phase and AC/DC Power to a voltage, current loop output or interface

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Supplied with Din Rail mounting kit

Product Specifications

  • Measures Watts, VARs, VA, HP, PF, Vrms, Arms, Apk
  • Accurate with any waveshape or load type, frequency 50Hz-400Hz, BW DC-20kHz
  • Measures continuous and Burst Type Waveforms
  • Available input ranges from 24V to 500V ac or dc from 10%-125% of range
  • Analog Outputs Isolated: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA: assigned to any measurement...like real power watts
  • Interface WiFi Bridge to mobile devices, Ethernet and RS485
  • Auxiliary power input 12/24/48/110/230 Vdc or Vac
  • Fast response time 1mS DC-10kHz
  • Auto or manual scaling
  • Working temperature range 0°C - 50°C / Functional temp range –10°C - 70°C
  • Rated working voltage insulation 1.0kVpk, flash tested 2.5kV for 1 minute
  • Screw terminal input/output connections IP30
  • Certified accuracy better than 1% at +23°C ±5°C, traceable to NIST/NPL
  • CE Marked, FCC and UL Compliant
  • UL94V0, IEC1010 cat II, IEC348, DIN 57411
  • Case IP50, terminals IP30 complies with IEC529
  • 1 year warranty

Safety and good working practice when using the WT1ph and WT1ph Watt Transducers

  1. Ensure that all personnel connecting and configuring the WT1ph are fully trained and conversant with electric shock and fire hazards associated with electricity supplies
  2. Ensure the circuit under test is switched off and isolated before connection
  3. Only use fused safety type cables for connections to the WT1ph probe.  These cables are typically fitted with a 4mm safety type banana connector on either end.  All connections should be insulated to prevent human contact
  4. Ensure that the WT1ph output (lo terminal) is connected to a grounded point on the scope/data logger/measurement system.  Ensure it is a true ground and not just signal low
  5. Ensure that the maximum differential input voltage of (1000Vpk) and input voltage to ground (1000Vpk) are not exceeded
  6. Users should always work in pairs, both parties should be trained and familiar with medical procedures in the event of electric shock
  7. Ensure the circuit test is protected with over current protection
  8. During installation, avoid all mechanical stress to the WT1ph probe terminals
  9. Do not use the probe with the case open
  10. Ensure that the storage and operating conditions are clean and dry, do not use where there is risk of explosion


Unlike most Watt Transducers, our Model WT Series uses high-speed simultaneous sampling with analog-to-digital converters, these provide accurate ac measurements regardless of waveshape or frequency. This includes real power (W), real power factor (PF) reactive power (VAr) delivered to a load. Bi-directional capability means power can be measured in both directions, with indication of import and export. Especially in applications like Locomotive, Electric vehicle where motoring and regeneration occurs with power and energy. Models are available in a variety of configurations with current ranges up to 1000A and nominal voltage ratings up to 600V. Models are available in 1, 2 and 3 element versions; suitable for all single-phase and three-phase power systems. RS485, CAN BUS, Modbus and Analog output signals are available. Forward (consumed) power is indicated with a positive polarity and reverse (generated) power with a negative polarity. Unidirectional outputs (4-20mA) indicate forward (consumed) power, 4-12-20mA allow for both directions. Easy scaling of VTs and CTs is possible. All outputs are galvanically isolated from the measured inputs and instrument power.

The sensor power input is designed to operate over a wide range associated with process control and sub-station auxiliary dc supply systems.  Some typical applications are voltage monitoring in Solar PV, Dc drives, UPS, Frequency Changers, Process Control, Rail Transportation, and EV. For all products, a NIST/NPL/UKAS traceable calibration certificates of conformance are available.

WT1ph Watt Transducer order codes

WT1ph / Voltage range / Current range / Scaling / output type / instrument power

WT3ph / Voltage range / Current range / Scaling / output type / instrument power

Order code examples:

WT1ph / 120V / 500A-CT / 500:5 / Std / 4-20 / 24Vdc
120Vac input, 500/5A input, CT type 500:5, 4-20mA output with 24Vdc aux power input

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