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DP-16VF High Voltage High Frequency Differential Probe

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The DP-16VF high frequency differential voltage probes are an important accessory for any application involved in power electronics and high voltage systems.  These probes allow isolated, floating and safe measurments with any oscilloscope, DAQ or data recorder, allowing the oscilloscope to remain grounded while input signals float at other voltage levels.  Using a DP-16VF  Differential probe, differential and floating (isolated) measurements can be made on a variety of ac power systems like 460V/230V/110V ac input power supplies, chopped and switching power supplies, thyristor controllers, variable speed motor drives (PWM signals), motor inrush current and measurement across current shunts.  The isolated input is made via two 4mm/banana safety sockets. The BNC output allows easy connection to an oscilloscope or DAQ.  The DP-16VF differential isolation voltage probes are powered from a battery or power supply.

DP-16VF Differential Voltage Probe Features:
  • High Voltage High Frequency differential probe
  • Max. Input Voltage:  +/-8kV DC or 16kVp-pk or AC 5.65kVrms
  • Bandwidth:  DC-150MHz
  • Input Impedance 200Mohm and 5pF
  • x400 x 4000 Attenuator
  • Max to ground volage: 8kV CATIII
  • Output Impedance 50ohm
  • Used for isolation of oscilloscopes, DAQs and data loggers
  • Suitable for power electronic systems and electric car EV power systems
  • Allows safe isolated floating measurements
  • Prevents ground loops and improves accuracy
DP-16VF Differential Probe Specifications
Differential Voltage DC + AC Peak:
Bandwidth (50ohm load -3dB 4nS):
Common Mode Voltage DC + AC peak:
Common Mode Voltage RMS CATII / CATIII:
To Ground Maximum Voltage:
Attentuation (Switchable):
x400 (800V), x4000 (8kV)
Input R (Each Input):
10Mohm >2%
Input C (Each Input):
Maximum Operation Voltage (DC + AC peak):
≤800Vpk at x400
≤8kVpk at x4000
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):
60Hz: >80dB
100Hz: >60dB
1MHz: >50dB
Noise (Into 50 ohm Load):
Input Impedance (Between Inputs):
10Mohm and 10pF
Accuracy (at 20-30 degrees Celsius 70%RH after 20 minutes):
≤ +/- >2%
Maximum output Voltage:
Power Source:
External 9V DC Adaptor
Over Range Indication