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DP-60HS Differential Voltage Probe for small signals

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The DP-60HS differential voltage probe for small signal applications, are an important accessory for any application involving low level 'non-ground referenced' or floating signals. These probes allow isolated and floating measurments with any digital oscilloscope or computer interface DAQ, allowing the oscilloscope to remain grounded. Using a DP-60HS Differential probe, floating (isolated) measurements can be made on a variety of control signals and audio signals found in power amplifiers and instrumentation signals. The isolated input is made via two 4mm/banana safety sockets. The BNC output allows easy connection to an oscilloscope or DAQ. The DP-60HS isolation probes are powered from a battery or power supply.

DP-60HS Differential Voltage Probe Features:
  • Differential voltage probe
  • Max. Input Voltage:  +/-35V DC or 70Vp-p or AC 25Vrms
  • Bandwidth:  DC-60MHz
  • Input Impedance 1Mohm and 5pF
  • x1, x5, x10 Attenuator
  • Max to ground volage: 17.5V CATIII
  • Output Impedance 50ohm
  • Used for isolation of digital oscilloscopes
  • Suitable for small floating signals in amplifiers
  • Ideal for floating low-level instrumentation signals
  • Prevents ground loops and improves accuracy
DP-60HS Differential Voltage Probe Specifications
Differential Voltage DC + AC Peak:
Bandwidth (50ohm load -3dB):
Common Mode Voltage DC + AC peak:
Common Mode Voltage RMS CATII / CATIII:
To Ground Maximum Voltage:
Attentuation (Switchable):
x1, x5, x10
Input R (Each Input):
1Mohm >2%
Input C (Each Input):
Maximum Operation Voltage (DC + AC peak):
≤70Vp-p at x10
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):
60Hz: 10000:1
100Hz: >1000:1
1MHz: >300:1
Noise (Into 50 ohm Load):
≤1.0m Vrms
Input Impedance (Between Inputs):
2Mohm and 2.5pF
Accuracy (at 20-30 degrees Celsius 70%RH after 20 minutes):
Maximum output Voltage:
8V p-p
Power Source:
External 9V DC Adaptor
Over Range Indication