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DC and AC Voltage Transducers, Conditioner, Isolator modules

Models VT7 and VT8 - DC to 10kHz Frequency Range

Use VT7 and VT8 AC / DC Voltage Transducers allow isolation and conditioning of ac and dc voltages, converting to rms, mean or instantaneous outputs. The VT7 and VT8 series voltage transducers are designed to measure AC+DC and AC voltage in 1 phase, split phase and 3 phase systems. They convert the input voltage signal to an isolated DC output that is directly proportional to the input rms voltage. The VT8 models are RMS calibrated voltage transducers, with 0-1mA, 4-20mA (4mA live zero), voltage 0-5V or 0-10V outputs. Auxiliary power is required to ensure that the output signal is present even when the inputs are close to zero - which is a key benefit of instrument powered (externally powered) transducers.

Because the VT8 is true RMS sensing and RMS calibrated, it allows measurement of distorted waveforms of up to 9th harmonic with a crest factor of 5. Both the VT7 and VT8 are typically used in voltage measurement where distorted voltage waveforms are common, such as pump speed controllers, fan speed controllers, motor VFD controllers, UPS and thyristor drives. These units are also used to measure voltage in energy management systems, switchboards, generator and telemetery controls. Isolation of 2.5kV is provided between the input and output signal, allowing the output to be fed to PLC computer systems and even conventional analogue meters

VT7 & VT8 DC & RMS AC / DC Voltage Transducers

AC / DC Voltage Transducers


The Model VT7 Series dc voltage transducer produces an output which is directly proportional to the input from dc to 10kHz. It functions as a millivolt dc shunt isolator or a high voltage isolator to 1000V

The Model VT8 Series (RMS) ac voltage transducer provides a dc output directly related to the true RMS or mean value of the input over a dc to 10kHz frequency range. Inputs range span from 50mV to 1000V. Input/output dielectric test is 2500Vac. Consult factory for special ranges


  • 2500 Vac dielectric test
  • Wide frequency range
  • VT8 Provides a dc output which is proportional to the mean or RMS value of the ac/dc input
  • 50mV to 1000V ranges


  • Accurate measurement of dc and non-sinusoidal ac components
  • Accurate measurement of compound ac+dc voltages
  • Shunt isolation
Standard Outputs Model VT7- or VT8-
***1mA 4-20mA ***10V ***5V
0-50 015B 015E 015D 015X5
0-100 016B 016E 016D 016X5
0-200 017B 017E 017D 017X5
0-250 018B 018E 018D 018X5
Standard Outputs Model VT7- or VT8-
***1mA 4-20mA ***10V ***5V
0-10 001B 001E 001D 001X5
0-25 002B 002E 002D 002X5
0-50 003B 003E 003D 003X5
0-100 004B 004E 004D 004X5
0-150 005B 005E 005D 005X5
0-250 006B 006E 006D 006X5
0-300 007B 007E 007D 007X5
0-400 008B 008E 008D 008X5
0-500 009B 009E 009D 009X5
0-600 010B 010E 010D 010X5
** 0-700 011B 011E 011D 011X5
** 0-800 012B 012E 012D 012X5
** 0-900 013B 013E 013D 013X5
** 0-1000 014B 014E 014D 014X5
* Shunt Inputs
** Supplied with external multiplier box
*** Bi-directional (+) on VT& Series
SAVE $ "-11 & -22 models which utilize a low cost, linear power supply"

Ordering Information

Exmple: 0-50mVdc Input with 4-20mAdc Output and 125Vdc Instr. Pwr.

Ordering Information

Exmple: 0-100Vac Input with 0-10Vdc Output and 115Vac Instr. Pwr.

Instrument Power Options:

Option "-11" 95-135Vac, 50/60Hz, 5VA

Option "-22" 230Vac, 50/60Hz, 5VA, ±15%

Option "-12, -15, -24, -37, -48", 150mA max., 12Vdc thru 48Vdc, ±10%

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