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PAV1010A - Phase Angle Voltmeter PAV

Measuring Totals, Vrms, Fundamentals, Magnitudes, Inphase, Quadrature, Ratios, Phase Angles and THD

PAV1010A Phase Angle Voltmeter
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  • 1mV to 500Vpk range, 1uV sensitivity
  • 0.02° Degree basic accuracy
  • 5Hz to 100kHz, 500kHz bandwidth
  • All PAV measurements including ratios
  • Null meter, waveform display, Harms and THD
  • GPIB/IEEE-488, USB and Serial
  • NI Labview Drivers
  • Upgrade program for legacy SD1000 and NAI Model 2000 phase meters to PAV1010
  • GPIB, Serial and USB, compatibility with SD1000/NAI Model 2000 phase meters
  • Traceable to international standards via NIST (USA) and UKAS (UK)
  • 2 year warranty

Using Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms to analyse small siganls buried in noise, the PAV1010A provides capability, performance and versatility not available with traditional PAVs. Targeted at the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, this instrument simplifies measurements of Phase Angle, Totals, In-Phase, Quadrature (90° component), Fundamental and Total Vrms.  All these measurements are displayed simultaneously on a bright multifunction display.  Isolated inputs allow null, ratio (in-phase, quad, fund, total rms, sum+difference) and gain measurements of key parameters. Bridging measurements are possible with a sensitive null meter for precise nulling.

Typical applications for a phase angle voltmeters (PAVs) are found in the area of position sensing, motion and control. Devices like Resolvers, LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) and RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformers), convert mechanical movement and position to electrical signals, feeding a control system.  Position sensors are used in a variety of applications like aircraft instruments, aircraft control surfaces, inertial navigation, gyros, autopilot and weapon aiming systems.

PAV upgrade program for military users

For decades the SD10000 phase angle meter has been used worldwide by armed forces and in the aviation sector. Powertek offers an upgrade package converting the SD1000 phase meter to a fully functioning PAV1010A phase angle voltmeter. The benefits are cost savings and continued compatibility with the user's in-house computer test systems, documentation and physical size - whist adding full phase angle voltmeter capability along with multifunction display.

Calibration and World-wide Traceability

All measurements taken with a PAV1010A and SD1000 are traceable to National and International standards; through the measurement standards of Powertek. A certificate of conformance is supplied as required by quality assurance standards such as IEC17025, ISO9001 2015, NVLAP, ANSI NCSL Z540. Independent third-party measurement certification and accreditation is possible using UKAS, A2LA or Z540/NVLAP certificate. Powertek provides optional LV calibration software and attenuators, permitting customers to automate their PAV1010A calibration in house.

Voltage and phase accuracy

Voltage Rdg%+rng%
Phase angle
Spec includes ranging and imbalance
Gain ratio
0.5Hz to 100Hz
±0.04% ±0.05%
±0.02° ± 1 digit
>100Hz to 2kHz
±0.05% ±0.05%
±0.025° ± 0.005°/kHz ± 1 digit
>2kHz to 10kHz
±0.08% ±0.08%
±0.035° ± 0.005°/kHz ± 1 digit
>10kHz to 100kHz
±0.2% ±0.2%
±0.04° ± 0.005°/kHz ± 1 digit
>100kHz to 200kHz
±0.75% ±0.75%
±0.25° ± 0.005°/kHz ± 1 digit
Phase repeatability
± 0.005°
PAV1010A phase angle meter applications
  • 0.02 Deg Phase angle measurement
  • Synchro, LVDT, RVDT actuators and positional sensors
  • Phase sensitive null detection
  • Transformer ratio and phase tests
  • Current sensing for phase meters
  • Phase angle indicators V-A / V-V
  • Cos Phi indicators - Power factor meters
  • Wideband power meters - power analysis
  • Current transformer calibration
  • Current probe phase delay
  • SCR phase control
  • Accelerometer testing
  • Current detection in detonation systems
  • Phase angle fault testing in power transmission substations
  • Chopper current control in electric vehicles
  • Phase angle controlled circuit breakers

PAV1010A Current measurement options

Used to enable PAV1010A phase angle voltmeter measurements between voltage and current phase angle voltmeters
Non-inductive shunt
Co-axial Model Series A
Ultra low 0.003° phase accuracy
0.2A to 20A 5Hz-50kHz
non-inductive shunt option 2a to 50a
Non-inductive shunt
Option 02F/B 0.5A-50A
0.05° phase accuracy
non-inductive shunt option 0.1a to 10a
Non-inductive shunt Option 02F/B 0.1A - 10A
0.02° phase accuracy

Ordering Information

  • PAV1010A - Std PAV with Front panel inputs
  • PAV1010 - replaces the legacy SD1000/NAI Model 2000 phase meter
  • SD-PAV1010 - upgrade and conversion of SD1000 to PAV1010 for MIL/OEMs
  • PAVLAB - LabView software V1.02
  • PAV-WIFI - Wifi Bridging/Hot Spot
Click for PAV1010A Data Sheet

PAV1010A Specification

2 isolated, 0.02° accuracy, 5 digits resolution 0.001°
Null meter and Ratio
For CH1 and CH2 Vrms, V in-phase, V fundamental, V quadrature, null meter, frequency, phase angle, Cos phi, THD%
Null Meter
1uV sensitivity with frequency locked (from CH1 or CH2)
Voltage input range
1mV to 350Vrms (500Vpk)
Phase input range
0.000° to -360.000°
0.000° to +360.000°
0.000° to ±180.000°
Resolution 0.001°
Frequency range
5Hz to 100kHz
Common mode CMRR
0.5Hz to 999.99Hz : 126dB
1kHz to 5kHz: 110dB
5kHz to 32 kHz: 100dB
32kHz to 64kHz: 91dB
Harmonic Rejection
80dB (even and odd)
Max input
Input impedance
2M ohm 20pF
AC or DC
0.5, 3 or 10 seconds

General Specification

5Hz to 500 kHz
±0.1% (23°C ± 5°C)
Voltage Range (operational):
1mV rms to 350V rms (500Vpk)
Current ranges using Options 02F/B:
20mA - 2Arms range Opt. 02F/B 1R00 5Hz - 20kHz
All voltage and current input combinations are possible:
1.0Arms to 20Arms range Opt. 02F/B 0R01 5Hz - 20kHz
Isolation (inputs to ground):
2 Mohm and 20pF
Temperature (Operating):
0°C to + 50°C, best accuracy 23°C ± 5°C
Temperature (Storage):
-40°C to +70°C
Humidity (non-condensing):
10% to 90% RH
Dielectric Strength
Inputs to case or AC line input:
2kV AC 50/60Hz 1 minute
Power supply to case:
2kV AC 50/60Hz 1 minute
Power Requirements
Line input voltage:
110V or 220V AC ± 10%
Line input frequency:
Line input fuse:
Line input conformance:
EN61000-3-2; EN61010 Class I; IEC801 Parts 1 to 4; EN55011
Power consumption:
5kg (6kg in delivery packaging)
Dimensions (W x H x D):
215mm x 144mm x 390mm