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AC and DC non inductive current shunt, Models Option 02F/B aka option 19 shunt (US), supplied with exact calibration value

Option 02F/B non inductive current shunts

AC and DC non inductive current shunt
  • 0.01A to 50Arms continuous
  • 100Arms 10 seconds
  • DC-100 kHz frequency range
  • Extend current range of DMMs, voltmeters and wattmeters
  • Use with phase angle meters
  • Safety type connections
  • Insulated construction
  • Traceable to international standards via NIST and UKAS

About the option 02F/B non-inductive shunt

The option 02F/B is a an non inductive shunt designed to operate over a wide bandwidth, with both AC and DC power systems, especially where phase shift phase angle is a consideration, for power calibration systems. Very useful for extending the range of Multi-meters and voltmeters. The option 02F/B can be used with phase angle meters, where phase angle between voltage-voltage, voltage-current or current-current i s required, ideal for phase protection, power meters, wattmeters, energy meters and current transformer calibration.

World-wide Traceability

All measurements made using the option 02F/B shunts are traceable to National and International standards; through the measurement standards of Powertek. The option 02F/B shunts are supplied with a certificate of conformance necessary for quality assurance standards such as IEC17025/ISO9001. Independent measurement certification is possible using UKAS, A2LA or Z540/NAVLAP certificate.

Non inductive shunt applications

  • Calibration laboratories
  • Current Phase reference, with phase meter
  • Single phase angle indicators V-A
  • Three phase phase angle indicators V-A
  • Three phase angle indicators V-A
  • Cos Phi indicators
  • Power factor meters
  • Watt meters
  • Multifunction watt transducers
  • Phase protection relays
  • Power meters
  • Energy meters
  • Current transformer calibration
  • Current probe phase delay
  • Transformer phasing
  • Synchro
  • Resolver Angle indicators

Non-inductive current shunt Option 02F/B, used with DMMs, power meters to extend current measurement ranges. Use with phase meters to enable phase angle angle measurements between voltage and current

Option 02F/B current shunt specifications
Phase Accuracy (23º ± 5ºC) 0.1Hz to 99Hz ± 0.02º
100Hz to 999Hz ± 0.04º ± 0.005º/kHz
1kHz to 99kHz ± 0.05º ± 0.005º/kHz
Frequency Range DC to 100 kHz depending on ohmic value
Amplitude accuracy ±0.3% (23ºC ± 5ºC)
Inputs Current ranges and nominal resistance 10mA-2Arms (0R50), 10A (0R02), 20A (0R01) and 50Arms (0R001)
Bandwidth Isolation (inputs to ground)
Isolation (inputs to ground) n/a
Environment Temperature Operating -20ºC to +70ºC
Storage -40ºC to +85ºC
Humidity (non-condensing) 10% to 90% RH
Dielectric Strength Inputs to case 1.5kV AC 50/60Hz 1 minute
Mechanical Weight 0.2kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 215mm x 144mm x 390mm