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Our Range of Differential Voltage Probes

About Our Differential Voltage & Isolated Voltage Probes

The DP series differential voltage and high voltage probes are an important accessory for any application involved in power switching, power conversion, power electronics and high voltage systems. These voltage probes allow isolated and floating measurments with any oscilloscope, data acquisition card or data recorder, allowing the oscilloscope to remain grounded. Using a DP Differential voltage probe, differential and floating (isolated) measurements can be made on a variety of ac and dc power systems like 415V/230V/110V ac input power supplies, chopped and switching power supplies, thyristor controllers, variable speed motor drives (PWM signals), motor inrush current and measurement across un-isolated current shunts. The isolated input is made via two 4mm/banana safety sockets. The BNC output allows easy connection to an oscilloscope or DAQ. The DP isolation voltage probes are powered from a battery or power supply.


  • Differential voltage probe for isolation
  • Supplied with input cables and probes
  • Supplied with carry case, battery and psu
  • High Voltage Differential Probe
  • Allows safe measurement and isolates oscilloscope inputs
  • Use for oscilloscope isolation and eliminate Common Mode
  • Allows isolated floating measurement to prevent ground loop currents
  • Highly suitable for power electronics and electric vehicle EV systems