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Phase Angle Voltmeter GP102

With advanced DSP technology using Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms, the GP102A-PAV provides capability, performance and versatility not available with traditional PAVs. Targeted at the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, this instrument makes measurements of Phase Angle, In-Phase, Quadrature (90° component), Fundamental and Total Vrms very straightforward. All these measurements are displayed simultaneously on a bright multifunction display. The readout can even be zoomed to enlarge any selected measurement. Isolated inputs allow null, ratio (in-phase, quad, fund, total rms, sum+difference) and gain measurements of key parameters. A reference offset facilitates bridging measurements along with a sensitive null meter for precise nulling. An on-board reference generator (with optional amplifier) eliminates the need for an external reference; although the unit can be used with an external generator. Using an optional switching matrix (TAF01-U), LVDT, RVDT and resolver measurements can be automated.

Onboard generator
  • 1mV-8Vrms with 100mA drive current, isolated reference and signal inputs, range 10uV to500Vpk, DC - 2MHz
PAV Measurements
  • Total vrms, in-phase, quadrature, phase angle, fundamental, frequency, all ratios, diff/sum ratio and analog style null meter
High speed data output
  • PAV parameters & watts at 1000 rdgs/sec for dynamic testing of motors, gyros and resolvers
PC Software
  • PAV measurement acquisition & display software and RS232 included, IEEE-488 optional

Typical applications for a phase angle voltmeters (PAVs) are found in the area of position sensing, motion and control. Devices like Resolvers, LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) and RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformers), convert mechanical movement and position to electrical signals, feeding a control system. Position sensors are used in a variety of applications like aircraft instruments, aircraft control surfaces, inertial navigation, gyros, autopilot and weapon aiming systems.

Other GP102-PAV features included
  • Fast dual channel dc-2MHz isolated voltmeters
  • THD and harmonics for voltage and current
  • Wattmeter and LCR/impedance meter
  • Selective level meter (measures amplitude at a particular frequency)
  • Wound component tester, inductance, turns ratio and DcR
  • Voltage & current waveform display
  • LVDT / resolver ratio measurements on all winding combinations
  • Fast measurement speeds exceeding 1000 measurements/second
  • Available in upright case and 19" rack 2U formats.
  • Includes RS232 interface, GPIB (option), PC software available, NI LabView drivers, MS Excel compatible, MS Excel Macros available
Example GP102A phase angle voltmeter (PAV) screen shots

Specifications for GP102A-PAV primary measurements
Channels / display:
2 isolated / 5 digits resolution (0.01° Phase Angle)
Total Vrms, Fundamental, Inphase, Quadrature, Frequency, Phase angle plus Null Meter
Voltage Input Ranges:
500V 300V, 100V, 30V, 10V, 3V, 1V, 300mV, 100mV, 30mV,10 mV or Autoranging
Phase Input Ranges:
0.00° to -360°, 0.00° to +360° or 0 to ±180°
Frequency Range:
DC to 2MHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):
5Hz to 999.99Hz: 126dB 1kHz to 5kHz: 110dB 5kHz to 32 kHz: 100dB 32kHz to 64kHz: 91dB
Harmonic Rejection:
80dB (even and odd)
Max input:
±500V peak 500V peak from earth
Input impedance:
1 M // 30pF (excluding. Leads)
Time constant:
0.2s, 1.5s or 12s
Output generator (sinewave):
1mV to 8Vrms (12Vpk) at 100mA

Accuracy (Signal and Reference)

Rdg + Rng
Gain Ratio
10mHz to 2kHz
2kHz to 5kHz
5kHz to 20kHz
20kHz to 32kHz
32kHz to 54kHz
54kHz to 100kHz
Ordering and Options Specify:- GP102A upright models
  • GP102-PAV supplied 110Vac / 230Vac
GP102A-R 19" 2U rack format
  • GP102R-PAV supplied 110Vac / 230Vac
All Models include:-
  • USB-RS232 converter
  • RS232, RS232 cable
  • CD software utilities
  • 2 x ISO input cables probes
  • output cable
  • quick guide sheets
  • user manual
  • calibration certificate
  • certificate of conformance
  • GPIB IEEE-488
  • Option 01A Active LCRZ head inc Kelvin connectors
  • Option 01P Passive LCRZ head inc Kelvin connectors

All products have CE, IEC, EN, ASME or BS approvals.